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LET's Work together,

toward rekindling your vitality and reaching your purpose.

Dr. Fred Morguelan is a life coach based in Santa Barbara, California. He offers life coaching services virtually to those looking to acheive happiness and vitality. Image is of Dr. Fred in a green, outdoor environment. He's wearing a gray sweater with blue collared shirt.

Welcome! I am Dr. Fred Morguelan. My work as a professional life coach is shaped by my multifaceted experiences as a Psychologist and other roles in the helping professions. As your trusted life coach, I can support you in assessing, building and creating meaningful change in your life.


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My coaching philosophy rests on a proven process to create lasting change.

What are you looking to create and AcHiEve?


We will work to assess your current situation and learn about the values and standards which orient your life.


We will set goals and put them in an order which will build toward your success. 


We will put together an action plan, including activities for you to perform on a daily or weekly basis.


I will support your progress by making suggestions and sharing information to keep you on track toward your goals.

Work wih Me

Work with Me

I offer life coaching in 50-minute sessions at $240 per session. I offer a 10% discount for clients who purchase my Getting Started package (4 sessions + 1 coaching phone call) to set the foundation for your success.

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Please share any questions or inquiries you have through this form, I'll work to be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Professional Life Coaching with Dr. Fred is focused on setting goals to build your success.

Thank you for being in touch. I will reply shortly!

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